Bihar Entrepreneurship Summit (BES) is a carnival of Entrepreneurs, a tribute to all New Ventures, StartUps, Young Minds, acting as a crucible for idea sharing of Young Entrepreneurs, showcasing Innovation, a platform for Experts, Consultants, Academicians and Investors.
It is an annual feature organized in the month of March by Bihar Entrepreneurs Association every year, in collaboration with Department of Industries, Government of Bihar besides national and international organizations.
Promoting the entrepreneurship as an area for youth engagement for developing Bihar, 7th Bihar Entrepreneurship Summit , is an effort to bring youth to the manufacturing industries and utilize their potential as entrepreneurs in Bihar. Bihar Entrepreneurs Association has been hosting Bihar Entrepreneurship Summit for past five years. Bihar being the state with almost 80 million...

Welcome To BES2020

7th Bihar Entrepreneurship

Chief Guest

Shyam Rajak

Shyam Rajak
Hon'ble Minister
Department of Industries Govt of Bihar


J P Morgan Chase Bank

Mr. Subhasit Ratnam
J P Morgan Chase Bank

Mr. Shashank Kumar - Founder & CEO of DeHaat. It is is one of the fastest growing start-ups in Agri Tech sector.

Mr. Shashank Kumar
Founder & CEO - DeHaat

Dr. Saurav is an international economist at the World Bank Group in Washington DC.

Dr. Abhishek Saurav
Economist - World Bank



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This year BES 2020 is happening at the Gyan Bhawan, Patna. One of the Patna's iconic and beautiful location. You will join over 3000 attendies in one of the best Conference venue in Bihar.

gyan bhavan

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